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Site Management Solutions (SMS) can quickly identify clinical sites for your upcoming or ongoing studies at NO COST to you. Sites have hired us to identify the right trials that match their private practice populations and studies that they have successfully enrolled in past. We have a proprietary database of sites who have contacted us to locate clinical studies on their behalf. While there are other options for these types of services SMS is differentiated because:

  1. We have comprehensive information on our sites and do additional assessments based on your needs that allows for us to match sites to fit your study specific requirements
  2. Our network of sites has been built on relationships, supporting services, and understanding of the site’s abilities and needs
  3. Our low cost model does not create a cost prohibitive situation leaving the site disengaged with your study
  4. Quick turnaround that is flexible for rapid study startup or to fill the gaps in your currently enrolling studies

SMS can work with you at the initial site selection stage or to support your ongoing studies. We can use your feasibility questionnaire or create a custom document based upon your protocol synopsis.

Please fill out our online form if you are currently looking for sites for open
or soon to be open clinical trials.

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